Our Practice
Care PhilosophyI am on the teaching staff at UCLA. I provide a choice of multiple treatment methods including short and long term psychotherapy, behavior therapy and medications. "The purpose of therapy is to give options"- a quote by Dr. Paster from a Los Angeles Times Magazine article. Thank you for visiting my web site.How to Decide on Treatment:Most important in your decision for help is that your treatment is based on a careful and complete evaluation. I specialize in thorough assessments and take care to ensure that you can understand any treatment recommendations and decide on your course of care accordingly, without having to sort through a maze of techno-jargon. Secondly, credentials are important. Psychiatrists are the most highly trained of all mental health providers, and Board Certification is even better. Psychiatrists specialize in both psychotherapy and medication usage. Please contact me for more information and any questions you may have.  Telepsychiatry sessions are available in select cases.